How To Level Editor

The leveleditor can be found in:


It needs to stay in this location since it uses its location to get engine core properties.


Launching the .exe file, will show this window.

Screenshot 2015-03-12 11.11.02

The left side shows a empty box, that will be filled with entities as soon as you adds the application folder (path to your project).

To do this GoTo File->Application Directory


Screenshot 2015-03-12 11.17.18


Select the correct one and press Choose.

Now list contains entities ready to be added to the level


here is a little gif showing how to add.


Pressing on a entity in Entities List or in the widget, displays its information in the PropertiesView

Screenshot 2015-03-12 14.53.48


Next to the entity in the enity list is its name, which can be modified in propertyview

Press Update Enity to save.


Save/Load Level

File->Save Level/Load Level-><filename>.xml

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