The Factory system

Hello! Here is another walk-through/overview of another engine system. This one will be focusing on the Factory manager and how it interacts with the properties and enteties of the engine. The…

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Blueprint system

The blueprint system is designed to provide developers with a quick and easy way to make a “blueprint”(a standardized setup of properties and attribute values) for an entity. These blueprints…

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How To Level Editor

The leveleditor can be found in: ..\SolKraftEngineSRC\bin\LevelEditor\ It needs to stay in this location since it uses its location to get engine core properties.   Launching the .exe file, will…

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There have been some issues with the development of the GUI since the intended library we were going to use decided that it wouldn’t work with our rendering solution. And…

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The Render engine

Hello everyone! This post is intended as sort of a a walk-through/overview of the render engine used by the Solkraft Game Engine(it will not contain a section on rendering the GUI,…

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Level Editor Update

Entities which require collision boxes/circles (Entities with Physics Property) now have a editor specific for just that. Adding, removing or reshaping collisions boxes/circles