An update

So I forgot to post about my progress yesterday in my rush to get home and watch the finale of True Detective (which is an amazing show for the record). I’ve loaded in some models, placed a few lights and have pondered on a few things. Namely without anti aliasing my deferred shader (to the right) looks horrible while the forward one (left) looks decent enough. Also I’ve come to realise that everything will look like shit if I don’t load in some specular/normal maps so I have those three things to look at. I may even resort to using assimp just so I can load bigger levels with all their textures and what not since I currently just triangulate anything I want to load with my primitive obj loader. So yeah, fixing AA and normal/specular maps is my priority. After that I guess I will optimize the code and restructure everything since the code is ridden with test things and everything that isn’t the main paintgl loop is a steaming mess. Anyway, here’s a picture:

forward and deferred

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