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Milestone 2

The first week I spent researching the subject as well as implementing a math library, a scenegraph, camera and so on. After that I began implementing regular old Deferred Shading and I encountered some interesting problems. So far I’ve written the shaders and the geometry pass which is used in the tiled techniques as well. Below is a picture of the framebuffers currently used:


Now the shaders I’ve written are very basic, they include directional light as well as point lights. But now for the interesting parts, the bugs! So, for some reason one of my texture sampler gets trash values after the first initial frame pictured below. I’ve triple and double checked everything for problems in the code and nothing seems out of order, running ApiTrace seems to confirm that the values and everything are set just fine and GeDebugger can’t seem to help me find a solution either. This has so far been really annoying as it has set me back a good 2-3 days as I wanted to have the basic deferred shading implemented by the milestone meeting, but so far I don’t believe I’ll have to revise my planning as once I find the bug everything should be up and running since I’ve tried my implementating by just giving the cubes a predetermined color instead of using the textures diffuse colors and it works just fine. Below are some pictures to illustrate the problem:

frame problems

ApiTrace however confirms that all texture values are set properly and the way they should be. That’s it for this milestone, hopefully by friday I’ll have everything working properly again.


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