Bugfixes and performance issues

This week is the last week that I can work on the project. The following week is for the graduation show preparations only. So the plan for this week is to only work on bugfixes and tweak the behavior and keep myself from adding cool new features or a whole new behavior goal.

Last Thursday I finished the peripheral and direct vision. So all data collected from those view cones is finally handled.

At Friday I started to do some more serious testing. I found a quite serious performance hit after I added several boxes to the level. When the agent or the player got near them the FPS would drop down to one! The problem was found in the navigation blocker property. When an actor got close, the boxes physics would exit sleep mode. A box would then start to send messages with it’s new transform. When the navigation blocker got this message it would update the mesh, even if the box hadn’t moved at all! It was a bit cumbersome to figure out what went wrong but luckily it was very easy to fix.

Today I think I fixed a bug where the agent would rotate back and forth when it discovered the player. I don’t really know the cause of the failure, but I saw that the rotation where updated very early in the code that handled the path-following of the agent. I changed it so that the rotation is only updated when the actual movement also is. It seem to have fixed the problem so far.

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