Peripheral vision

I’ve checked the project plan to see what features I had left to implement and found out that I’ve written the plan a lot less detailed than I remembered, the fact that you as a player should be able to hide beneath something is never mentioned. So according to the project plan, all required features of the project have been implemented!

So with time to spare I’ve started to improve the agent even more. The most obvious flaw for now is that the agent have a very narrow vision. So if the target is close to the agent and slightly to the side it’s never spotted. To combat this I plan to use the same system as in Thief: The Dark Project, where each agent has several view cones to emulate focus, peripheral vision and such.

One quick idea I got where to move the near clip plane of the agents camera. By increasing the distance, the near clip plane will increase in size, resulting in a wider area of vision close to the agent, perfect!

A view frustum. Each side is a clipping plane.

I got it working, but I didn’t quite think it through. With a wider plane, the plane will start to clip through walls. This results in that the agent can look behind walls when it turns around and the near plane spans across both sides of a wall.

So in the end I’ve done it exactly like Thief with several view cones. I got one for the peripheral vision and one for direct vision. Direct vision is used to cover the area close to the agent that falls outside of the view frustum. An entity is added to the view cone of highest priority it exists in so if an entity is inside both cones it will only be added to one. Entities inside the direct vision is added to the list of visible objects. What I’m going to do with entities inside the peripheral vision isn’t fully decided. For now the idea is to increase the probability at those locations causing the agent to gain a higher interest for those areas.

Oh, and I finally added the ability to reset the level. So now I doesn’t need to restart the application every time I’ve need to test something several times.

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