Looking beneath objects

The end of the week is here. The goal this week was to finish the logic system. I would say that is the case as these past few days I’ve only been implementing the behavior of the agent. The system works and can easily be extended with more behaviors and goals for the agent at a later stage.

So far the agent can:
Roam around to find the player, this uses the POM to steer where the agent should look.
Follow the player, as long as the player is visible for the agent, it will follow.
Search for the player, uses the last memory of the player and the POM to steer it’s search.
Look beneath objects, if the player goes somewhere the agent can follow, i.e. hides beneath something, the agent goes as close as possible and bends down to look at the player.

The last behavior isn’t fully functional. For now, the agent goes to the closest position and bends down. But what if the player hides in a tunnel, where only two sides is open and the closest position is next to a tunnel wall? The agent should realize this and try to look through the tunnel at one of it’s open ends. The plan for now is this:

Straight from my position, is it possible to see the target if I bend down?
Yes? The go straight ahead and bend down.
No? Where did the target enter? Go to that position and then bend down.

This will make it seem like the agent is aware of the fact that there’s specific openings to look through.

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