This past two days I’ve been hard at work on the logic for the agent.

As I mentioned earlier there was a need to redo the pathing of the agent. This was the first thing I finished. After that I threw together a quick goal-driven logic system to implement the easiest action, namely hunting the player. It might sound like a big thing, but when you think about it, it’s all about following a target if I see it. If I can’t see it, some other behavior can take over.

It was quite easy to get functional, and by implementing this basic system I had a better idea of how to design the whole creature system. It consist of three major parts, Sensory Systems, a Working memory and logic. The sensory system feeds the working memory with MemoryFacts about the world. For this project only the vision system is implemented, so raw data about what have been seen is used to create a VisualMemoryFact, it saves away the entity seen, the position it was observed at and the velocity it was traveling at. It’s easy to extend with new types of memory facts for say sounds or smells. When a memory fact is added to the working memory, it is compared to the facts already in the memory to detect if the new fact is just an updated version of an already existing memory. I’ve also added StaticFacts as I call them, they’re used for things the agent should always have knowledge about, such as the POM, the entity it’s hunting for and such.

The logic system then uses these memory facts to act upon. In a perfect world, no queries to new data, say the entities current position, should be made from the logic system. However in reality I have to do it at some occasions as the visual data is gathered on the render thread, so there’s a bit of delay between memory updates.

To get it all into Nebula I use a property to act as the “brain” and glue it all together. It contains the working memory for the agent and takes care of translating raw sensor data into specific memory facts.

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