Logic and refactoring

This week the goal is to finish the logic system for the agent. I had done some basic groundwork where the agent would use a FSM made up of lua scripts. However, due to some limitations on how Nebula handles the scripts (like that there’s no return value from a script function) I had to redo it in a different way.

As everything has to be done in code now, I also decided to change the whole pattern used as the choice to use a FSM where due to using scripts and the whole system would be easier to design in that way. So now I’m using Goal-driven behavior or Goal Oriented Action Planning (something I researched during the initial phase of the project). The gist of it is to use abstract goals. These goals can consist of smaller subgoals, that in turn can have subgoals. This chain keeps going until a small enough goal is encountered that can be performed as a concrete action, like GoToNextPathPoint or PlayAnimation. I got the basics up today, but with it I realized I now have to redo my path planning, because at the moment it’s pretty much impossible to get the logic to tell the agent to follow a new path due to the path planning being so well contained inside its own entity property.

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