Normalization issues

I fixed the problem with the probability growing beyond 1. As I sat down with a clear head this morning I divided up all parts of the calculation so I could inspect each intermediate result. The error lied with how the probability where divided to each nodes neighbor.

In the initial formula the diffusion constant where divided by a constant number multiplied with the sum of probability gained from neighbors. This constant number where the amount of connections to a node. The nodes in my map has a varying amount of neighbors so I just replaced this constant with the amount of connections this node currently have. What was a problem is that the formula described how to update the probability of a given node so it’s when I replace the constant with the current node connections that the problem occur. That whole part reflect the amount of probability gained form neighbors but the constant describes the probability given to neighbors. So to fix it, instead of getting the sum of a nodes neighbors probability and then multiplying, I let each neighbor do the whole calculation and give me the exact sum this specific node will give to a neighbor.

I then went on and tried to implement a velocity based spreading. It causes the probability to spread more in a given direction such as the last seen direction the target was moving in. I got it working but also here I had problems with the probability growing over time. In the end I just got tired of it so now after the new probability have been calculated it’s renormalized before culling of the visible nodes is performed.

I don’t know if this will come back and haunt me later but things seem to be working as expected for now.

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