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Today I fixed the thing I mentioned in the last post. I elevate the nodes to the agents height so I get all nodes inside the view frustum. It’s basically a cheap projection of the frustum onto the grid. The thing is these elevated points can’t be used for visual confirmation as they’ll check against the wrong parts of the depth buffer or in the case of the nodes close to the agent they’re outside the span of the buffer. So what I did in the end is to gather all nodes inside the “projected” frustum, handle those that can be translated into the depth buffer and for the others I cast a ray from the agents eye to the specific node and check for intersections. This isn’t all that demanding as only a handful of nodes needs to be checked with rays.

I then discovered an interesting bug: the POM loses it’s accuracy quite fast. I discovered that something weren’t right when I tried to implement weighted spreading in the last known velocity of the target. The total amount of probability should always be 1. For some reason I start to gain probability after a few updates and this error is quite significant as a lot of calculations assume the range of probability stays between 0 and 1. I’ve done some debugging but hasn’t been able to determine the problem. It might be floating point precision but that feels a bit unlikely as the error appears after the second or third update. The other possibility is that I’ve implemented the spreading wrong, but I can’t seem to figure out what the problem in that case actually might be.

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