Chrashes and assertions

Quite an eventful day today, but not in a good way. I got some progress in the early morning: I finished up the POM node culling and added confirmation of the target so the agent chases you around. There I found a problem that if the agent gets to close to you the most probable node will outside the view frustum due to it being so close to the ground. So the agent would get stuck in place. I got a solution for this, simply elevate all points to the height of the camera when I do the visibility culling and then use the actual position when it’s time to figure out if a point is beneath something.

Before I could start with that, Nebula decided is was time to assert. It asserted in a really strange place during the render loop. The strange thing is that I didn’t touch any code related to the rendering as I know it. As I tried to fix it I re-exported the game data and then, as I found out later, the skybox decided to stop working and crashing the application. So most of the afternoon was spent to get things to work again. I found out the cause of the crash, the skybox, and was able to fix that with some help. And the assertion disappeared as suddenly as it began so everything works now but I really don’t like it at all. As I don’t know what caused the assertion to fail or what got it to go succeed again I’m a bit anxious I’ll do something that will cause it to fail again.

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