I see you…

Happy times! I got the world to render from the agents point of view.


What the player sees, the yellow triangle is the old 2D view cone for the agent.


What the agent sees in full 3D!

It was a bit of a headache to get working. I added a camera onto the agent and created a new view that would use the picking shader to render to an off-screen buffer. Through the debugging webinterface for Nebula applications I could see that the buffer where rendered to correctly but the whole screen kept flickering to black and back. After doing some debugging with Gustav, one of the developers of Nebula Trifid, he finally discovered the cause: The back-buffer where swapped after each view had been rendered. It’s fixed now so I can continue working without the danger of getting a seizure.

During the off-time when I couldn’t work on the agents vision, I finished the groundwork for the behavior state machine so it can now load scripts and change between them.

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