3D vision

Today I started implementing the actual vision system for the agent. As I mentioned earlier I will render the scene from the agents point of view and scan over a downsampled buffer to detect what have been seen.

Nebula have an easily extendable render system. There’s some parts needed to get a new add on working as the rendering occurs on another thread but it’s quite straightforward and there’s a lot of finished modules to look at and learn from. I was able to finish the skeleton for the module today so there’s a lot of time left to actually implement its functionality. And one thing I discovered is that there’s a shader available for rendering objects color-coded, so I don’t need to write my own to do that!

Though I didn’t get going with the vision add on until the afternoon as I wanted to get more information about the render system so I had to wait for answers from the people working on the engine. So during the morning I started to implement the logic system. The idea for now is to have a finite state machine where each state is a lua script so it’ll be easy to change and test during development, as scripts can be reloaded without the need to recompile the application. I didn’t fully finish the whole groundwork but I got the most basic components setup so it will be quick to finish when the time comes.

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