Getting there

I’ve finally gotten the occupancy map to such a state that I could call it finished. This Friday I added a basic 2D viewcone for the agent so I can simulate vision on the grid. This is needed as the POM works with expectations theory and as such there is three possible outcomes for a verification of an expectation, verifiably true, verifiably false and unverifiable. So what I’ve implemented is the impact of negative verification on the grid, ie, we have verified where the target isn’t located, so this will now impact where we should look next. This will later be extended to support real 3D sight for the agent.


Over the weekend I did a lot of refactoring, something I see as crucial for my own sanity as I will be working with this code for quite some time. I also moved the path-finding from DetourCrowd into a custom game entity property in Nebula. I had some problems with actually getting the agent to move, the path-planning worked but the agent stood fixed in place. The problem turned out to be a variable that defaulted to 0 so the agent didn’t gain any velocity.

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