A living world

Got some progress! By using DetourCrowd I can have several agents moving around in the world, look at him go!


I’ve also finished the probability spreading and that was the easy part. Most of the time have been spent to get the UI working. For some reason I can’t get the value of a control that easy as the UI lies on another thread and the application will sometime crash when I try to send synced messages between them.

I also tried to generate my own path on the navmesh, but it started to take too much time with just not a good enough result so I scrapped it and just left it all to Detour. The reason why I want to make my own path-finding is because there might be some problems to override the agent “physics” in detour with the actual physic simulation. I can always go back and try again when a deadline isn’t right around the corner.

And just because I can, behold my Probabilistic Occupancy Map! (Read means higher probability)


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