Small steps

I’m getting back to speed with Nebula since it was almost a year since I last worked in it. There’s some old code for Detour and Recast support but most of it is commented out and nonfunctional. Work is being currently put into it to improve the support for navmesh generation and bringing it up to date, sadly for me, it won’t be finished too soon and as such I can’t depend on it so I’ll have to roll my own solution. Luckily for me the need for Recast and Detour isn’t a critical part for my project as it’s more focused on the agents logic so I can get away with a quick and dirty solution… for now at least.

So far I can import big static navmeshes exported from the Recast demo project. I’ll try to get tiled navmeshes to work so I can add better support for dynamic objects. If it takes to much time I have to put it aside so I can focus on the occupancy map and come back to it later down the line.

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