My name is Michaela Sjöström and I will be working on a project called “Petals – a CG environment”. The reason to why I choose this project is because I want to get a better understanding in how to make a photo realistic outdoor environment with both organic and static objects. by doing this I can focus on one of the things I like the most: texturing and lighting, and how these two components affect each other.

The reason to why I choose the japanese environment during the cherry blossom is because I find it beautiful, colorful and it will be interesting to work with all the components that this environment can give me.


A woman is sitting on a bench in a japanese park, reading a book. a butterfly flies towards her and lands on her book. she looks up at the butterfly, and just a second later it will fly away again towards the sky. the view will follow the butterfly as it flies up over the cherry trees and away into the distance.

The result:

I want the result of my project to be a short vfx shot, around 10 to 15 seconds, in 1080p. the shot will take place in Japan during the cherry blossom, under daytime.


If you want to read more about the planning and research of this project, please look under “milestones”. In MS1 you can find every document I have been working on so far.

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