Final result for milestone 3

I’ve worked really hard the last week to get everything together, writing the project report and making a little breakdown of the project. I really want to add a quick printscreen of the nuketree but sadly enough I can’t do this. For some reason windows 7 freezes everytime I try to take a printscreen. wuhu for computers! But there is a pretty good description of what I’ve used in my compositing in the project report. you can find it under “milestone 3” :)

The video:

the breakdown:

The breakdown only shows scene one because I’ve used the same method for both scenes since the lihgting et cetera been almost the same :)

I’m pretty pleased with the result even though there are a lot of things I could fix. But the only thing I’m a little bit sad about is that I had to do a “kill my darling” and end the video before the butterfly could get over the tree crowns. This way I saved a lot of rendertime, and could put that time on working more on details and compositing and the main goal of the project. But this is however something I could fix later on when I have more time to actually render everything out :)

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