rendertime and test renders

It’s really hard to know if the keying or the roto’s are looking good while working in nuke, so now when I had all the renders that I needed frome maya I tried to render everything out so see how it looks:

The roto is looking a little bit wierd at some places so I might need to get a better look on that. also some of the flowers have dark edges around them. and it’s not becaue it was premultiplied. I just noticed that the alpha for the flowers was a little bit bad. I saved most of it with adding edgeblur and erode but I might need to render it again to see if I can make it look better.

there is also a lot of tweaking left with the zblur, blur and grading that I will have to add for both the background and Kajsa. I did add shadows on her in nuke but I think I want them to have some more glow/light.

One other thing that I noticed is that the tracking is a little bit shaky, We will see if I will be able to fix that in nuke :) cause I really don’t have the time to render everything again. especially when it looks pretty OK. There’s a lot of things that I could tweak (such as the stone wall and the tree roots in the foreground, But after adding a better depth to the scene I really don’t think that others will notice how it looks. all the petals falling, the butterfly flying, and kajsa reading, is stealing away all the attention from just that spot.

but rather than that I think this looks pretty good. I do have time to re-render some layers for scene one and two if needed but the background layer with the grass et cetera takes such a long time to render that I rather not.

I also managed to get all the renders for scene two this monday/tuesday. So next up is to add it to the comp and do a quick render to see how it looks and what’s need to be done to make it look even better. stay tuned!

over and out – Michaela s

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