Scene one almost done

these last couple of days I’ve been working more on sculpting for the tree, the shaders and the lighting + a lot of final tuning in maya so that I could start to render everything out for scene one. I also redid the animation of the butterfly for scene one (last week I redid the whole butterfly so that’s the reason to why I had to give it some new animations).

Here is a quick comp I did in nuke just to see if the renders did work for scene one :


One thing I realised while I tested to render scene one was that most parts of the tree that I had made was cut off from the screen. So the paint effects tree that I had made earlier is only used as a basemesh reference for the new tree trunks that I made in mudbox. The smaller branches that you can see coming in from the top of the camera view is only some branches I took from the paint effects tree but with some 2d planes that I applied for the flowers. However I do think that the paint effects tree I have is of use for the second scene. It doesn’t need as much details as the trees in the first scene because all of the focus will stay on the butterfly through the whole scene. that’s also why I haven’t worked that much on the shading for the paint effects tree. Cause you will never see them in close up without blur. :)

Just a quick render of the tree trunk I made for scene one, I wanted to add it in the last post but couldn’t reach the file while my computer rendered. But here it is :)


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