Tracking and keying done

So, now I think I will consider the tracking and keying done for the both scenes :)

the tracking for the first scene was done some time ago, and it was also pretty simple to make it work when you had an origi. But I realised that it was pretty hard to define the groundplane in the tracking for the second scene, just because that shot didn’t have an origi. But I could make an almost working track with the trackingpoints I had. I tested different points on the ground, to se if I could use any of them as an origi and 2 of them worked pretty OK. It’s not perfect but this will have to do for now.

the keying was pretty straight forward with some garbage mattes and combination with both keylight, IBK gizmo and primatte. I had to make some pretty detailed rotos though for the first scene. the different lighting of the ghreenscreen was hard to key out, especially around her feet. and even if it was pretty straight forward as I said I still had to experiment with the different keyers to see which one was the best. and the IBK is really good for hair details ;P just sayin.

But as I said: the first scene needed a pretty good garbage matte. and the second scene as well. but only where the greenscreen had the biggest difference in color. Some might say that you can key it out with only keyers but I saved quite some time just doing a garbage matte instead of testing different keyers over and over again. Old school rotoscoping for the win!

next up is to get the trees and grass togheter for the first and second scene :)

over and out – Michaela

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