rendertime and test renders

It’s really hard to know if the keying or the roto’s are looking good while working in nuke, so now when I had all the renders that I needed frome maya I tried to render everything out so see how it looks:

The roto is looking a little bit wierd at some places so I might need to get a better look on that. also some of the flowers have dark edges around them. and it’s not becaue it was premultiplied. I just noticed that the alpha for the flowers was a little bit bad. I saved most of it with adding edgeblur and erode but I might need to render it again to see if I can make it look better.

there is also a lot of tweaking left with the zblur, blur and grading that I will have to add for both the background and Kajsa. I did add shadows on her in nuke but I think I want them to have some more glow/light.

One other thing that I noticed is that the tracking is a little bit shaky, We will see if I will be able to fix that in nuke :) cause I really don’t have the time to render everything again. especially when it looks pretty OK. There’s a lot of things that I could tweak (such as the stone wall and the tree roots in the foreground, But after adding a better depth to the scene I really don’t think that others will notice how it looks. all the petals falling, the butterfly flying, and kajsa reading, is stealing away all the attention from just that spot.

but rather than that I think this looks pretty good. I do have time to re-render some layers for scene one and two if needed but the background layer with the grass et cetera takes such a long time to render that I rather not.

I also managed to get all the renders for scene two this monday/tuesday. So next up is to add it to the comp and do a quick render to see how it looks and what’s need to be done to make it look even better. stay tuned!

over and out – Michaela s

Scene one almost done

these last couple of days I’ve been working more on sculpting for the tree, the shaders and the lighting + a lot of final tuning in maya so that I could start to render everything out for scene one. I also redid the animation of the butterfly for scene one (last week I redid the whole butterfly so that’s the reason to why I had to give it some new animations).

Here is a quick comp I did in nuke just to see if the renders did work for scene one :


One thing I realised while I tested to render scene one was that most parts of the tree that I had made was cut off from the screen. So the paint effects tree that I had made earlier is only used as a basemesh reference for the new tree trunks that I made in mudbox. The smaller branches that you can see coming in from the top of the camera view is only some branches I took from the paint effects tree but with some 2d planes that I applied for the flowers. However I do think that the paint effects tree I have is of use for the second scene. It doesn’t need as much details as the trees in the first scene because all of the focus will stay on the butterfly through the whole scene. that’s also why I haven’t worked that much on the shading for the paint effects tree. Cause you will never see them in close up without blur. :)

Just a quick render of the tree trunk I made for scene one, I wanted to add it in the last post but couldn’t reach the file while my computer rendered. But here it is :)


Adding details / redoing some things

The last week I’ve been working some more on the details for the first scene such as the grass, the trees, some small stones which I made with paint effects et cetera. the trees are almost done :) right now I’m working a little with the textures for the branches/cherry flowers. I’ve used a texture I found earlier in this project. a picture of an appeltree flower. This actually worked pretty good. I just had to edit it a little in photoshop to make it look more like a cherry blossom branch. One other thing that I need to work some more on is the sculpting for the tree. I got a pretty good basemesh from paint effects but it needed more details. I got one version from before but I’m not that satisfied with the result. So I think the scultping might need some more work.

The grass was much easier to work with though, I just had to change a few settings and change the texture to something more realistic and then it was done. The only thing I’m thinking about now is if I should render still images of the grass and put in the scene as 2d planes, instead of having it all in 3D. The scene is getting pretty slow to work with so that’s the reason to why I’m starting to think this way. I know I was thinking of this before but I think I will have to try it out with the lighting of the scen first, before I decide anything final.

I also decided to redo the butterfly. The first version was a free mesh I found on the internet that I modified a little, but as soon as I started to rigg the butterfly more properly I noticed that the mesh was broken/wasn’t that good. So therefore I did a retopo of the whole butterfly, new uv, new textures et cetera.

So for now I will focus on getting the trees and grass done, and work some more on the lighting of the scenes. My goal is to get a final render of the first scene on Wednesday.

I will add some pictures as soon as my computer is done rendering :)

Tracking and keying done

So, now I think I will consider the tracking and keying done for the both scenes :)

the tracking for the first scene was done some time ago, and it was also pretty simple to make it work when you had an origi. But I realised that it was pretty hard to define the groundplane in the tracking for the second scene, just because that shot didn’t have an origi. But I could make an almost working track with the trackingpoints I had. I tested different points on the ground, to se if I could use any of them as an origi and 2 of them worked pretty OK. It’s not perfect but this will have to do for now.

the keying was pretty straight forward with some garbage mattes and combination with both keylight, IBK gizmo and primatte. I had to make some pretty detailed rotos though for the first scene. the different lighting of the ghreenscreen was hard to key out, especially around her feet. and even if it was pretty straight forward as I said I still had to experiment with the different keyers to see which one was the best. and the IBK is really good for hair details ;P just sayin.

But as I said: the first scene needed a pretty good garbage matte. and the second scene as well. but only where the greenscreen had the biggest difference in color. Some might say that you can key it out with only keyers but I saved quite some time just doing a garbage matte instead of testing different keyers over and over again. Old school rotoscoping for the win!

next up is to get the trees and grass togheter for the first and second scene :)

over and out – Michaela