refining keying and tracking

This week my goal is to have a final key and track for both shots. The tracking is something that’s been a bit problematic through this project. It’s working pretty fine for the first scene but the second one is still something I need to work more on. The version I got right now is OK, But I want to see if I could make it even better.

and for the keying:

right now I’ve just added the different keyers that I will use and tried them out with some roto’s. both garbage mattes and a more detailed roto. I did one key a few weeks ago but the edges didn’t look that good. especially at the shoes and the hair (much greeen on them). (for the first scene). the second scene is much easier to work with when it comes to the keying. But it’s a close up instead so the edges need to look better than in the first scene.

I also did a render of the background from maya to see how it looks togheter with film in nuke. I miiight need to move it up a little. and yes, I forgot to remove the chair for the test. But the tracking looks good. The only thing I’m wondering about is the size of the scene and perspective. But I think it will be easier to see that once I actually got the trees and grass in the scene.

keying test

the node tree is not that structured right now. But hopefully I will add a better one at the end of this week :)

over and out – Michaela

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