testing textures

Last week I worked a lot with textures for the first scene, and refining some modelling for example the wall. It’s been pretty straight forward. I did sculpting in mudbox, tried to use displacement maps but normal maps worked even better just in this case (for the stone part of the wall). to make the other objects less “simple/plain” I added simple bumpmaps but I might need to work a little bit more with them. The same goes for the tree roots and the groundplane. And I think that I might need to increase the resolution for some textures and also add some more variation to, for example, the “statues”.



render test 2

i haven’t added the trees and the grass to the scene yet because they’re not done and they doesn’t look that good. I will give you a picture of it next week :) To save some time and work I’m only gonna make one “perfect” tree and then, when adding it to the first scene, I’m just gonna rotate it to make it look like different trees + add slightly different diffuse textures for the tree trunks. I will only need 3 trees in the first scene, so that is why I think this might work.

I think I might need to add some small stones on the groundplane as well. just to make it look more alive. But both the stones and the grass depends on where I will place the trees. I don’t want to create a lot of grass that, in the end, you won’t be able to see because of the trees.

I also did a texture test for the butterfly:


I’m sorry for the crappy picture but the front wings became invisible when rendered. It got something to do with the alpha/shader in maya, which is wierd because I’ve used the exact same methods for the back and front wings. what I’ve done is: added a diffuse with alpha, and added the same diffuse node for the cutout opacity in the shader :)

over and out – Michaela

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