I’ve started to work some more on the modelling and so far it’s been pretty simple. I’ve saved more complicated meshes, like stone that needs more details, for sculpting in mudbox. I don’t want to have billions of polygons in my scene so therefore I will try to add displacement maps for the objects that need it. it will probably slow down enough with the paint effects later on and it takes time to work with a slow scene in maya. I want to avoid that.

what I’ve done so far is mostly objects for the first scene, the ground plane, the “temple wall”, 2 different stones that I will put out randomly in the scene (different sizes and rotations), and a statue that I really don’t know what to call? It looks like small houses and are often placed in front of tori gates/around temple areas.


I think I will have to add some more roots and details to the ground plane though.

over and out – Michaela s

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