modelling and some cheating!

I’ve worked some more on the modelling! :) I’m also trying to decide where to put the trees and the wall for the first scene. I want to use the wall so that I could add a matte painting behind it with some simple 2D elements, and maybe some simple 2d cards with alpha for more trees.

I’ve found a lot of good pictures on cgtextures that I will be able to use for both textures and background images. especially one png picture of a branch with appletree flowers. I think I will win some time on adding pictures of branches instead of making all of them with paint effects. cause you won’t see that much of the tree crowns in the first scene. mostly the roots and the tree trunks.

I’ve also been thinking about how I should work with the grass. Should I make everything with paint effects or just a part of it with paint effects and then add some matte paintings that’s further away from the camera position? that’s what I’m trying to decide right now.

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