Update from milestone 2

I had to update some small things from Milestone 2 (last week) and I forgot to actually post it here! but here are some more tests of the project! :)

some fast paintovers I did, for the first scene:

paintover_scene1_2 paintover_scene1_3 paintover_scene1_4 paintover_scene1

for the last scene:

paintover_scene2_1 paintover_scene2_2

the second one is just a “darker version” with smoke/destroyed landscape further away insetad of the the more “beautiful” version. I kinda like the concept of the destroyed area but I still like the first version/ the “beautiful” version best.

I also got some real nice pictures from teodor Hjelmqvist of landscapes:


I did find pictures of mountains/llandscapes on www.cgtextures.com as well but those pictures is rarely over 2000 px. so I really hope that i will be able to use the pictures I got from Teodor :)

I also tested to add my own camera in the last shot, and to animate the butterfly + make a fast mockup of the last scene:

the tracking is still off after importing it to maya. it could be the scale that changes but I’ve tried to import it with different scales from Nuke. I still get the same problem. the locators get the wrong position in maya. the track still looks stable in maya but somehow off. It could be the camera settings from nuke or from the moment we filmed that isn’t correct, So I will test to do a new cameratracker in Nuke but without adding a “known” camera. if this doesn’t work I really don’t know how to solve this problem. any ideas?

over and out! / Michaela

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