Hello my name is Edvin Olofsson, a computer programmer from Skellefteå, Sweden!

I am currently studying Computer Game Development at LTU in Skellefteå.
It’s a three year long education with a bachelor degree in computer programming.

More about me as a person:
I’m a socially active guy with lots of different interests, ranging with everything from basketball, friends, parties, movies, playing the guitar, computer games and so on.
And then of course programming!
I wanna share a quote I have used during this program, but do excuse my language… 😛
“Learning programming is a bitch! Knowing programming is amazing!”
Problem solving is always fun and with programming the possibilities are endless!

Contact information:
Student email: edvolo-1@student.ltu.se
Private email: edward-013@hotmail.com
Phone number: +46761030713