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This is the final result i achieved. I ran into several problems in the end of the project that made it too hard to complete in time. That’s why I don’t have the excepted clip to show.

Progressing on


So I have keept progressing slowly this week, facing most technical challenges when trying to get a good test batch render.

I have also started to set up my new workstation at home, because I will do the remaining work from home in this project.

Debugging render

I’ve had some problems with my renders that i have been trying to figure out and solve. For example i have had some flickering in the light, which of course came form the final gather recalculating to offend and giving new result every frame and by that having the light change. This can be solved by saving out a final gather map insted of having it recalculate every time.
I have also had some problem batchrendering my water. In single frame render verything have been looking fine, but in the batch render, some extrem glitches have been going on making stretched lines all over the water ending up in a non usable picture. This have not solved yet but I am on it.


Today was the exhibition and showcase of the students specialization project on the so called Gradshow that is is held here at the university every year. Unfortunately I didn’t showcase my project because its not entirely complete and in progress. But it was a very nice day with lots of inspering speakers, even my fellow student mad a great impression on the stage! But this is not it, in an hour we will continue to network with the guys from the business in a more casual fashion at the pub with some food and beer!

Cut cut cut!

water_test_11_017_.250Here is some images from the current state. I still have a decent render time, which i thought would have been way worse at this state. Rendering 30,000 trees in 10 minutes due to instancing is not very bad I think. However, this is only in half the resolution I want my final render to end up in. water_test_12_017_.187The textures of the mountains are still the old one, and as you see, there is some stretching/resolution problems when the camera comes to close. I will probably re-texture them by using several tileable textures and mix and merge them together using layered shaders with hand painted alpha maps. This was the the way i planed to do first, but I had no idea this very simple layered shader existed and believed i had to do it by connecting together a shading network on my own to achieve the same result.

I can also mention that I didn’t managed to hold my deadline and broke my time plan. But now I got a new deadline, and I feel great relief and think I can manage this without sleepless nights of crunshing.



Getting back on track

MS1_texture_renderI have really been working my ass of this week, and I have also got some progress.

What you see above is a quick render of the current state of the shot with out the trees. I have got everything set regarding the distrubution of the trees and plants, but I cant really work smothly with eveything in the same scene right now. A rendered will be uploaded of this probably later today.
As you see the texturing is not yet complete, and this is the current project. To get the solid ground ready, and to move on to water, and wind.

I saw that i haven’t really posted the any moving pictures from my project except of thos in the milestone folders. So here is a clip from the earlier state in the process of this project.

Struggling with displacement


I have been having some trouble with my displacement maps in more then one way. But I think I have found a good solution. What I do now is to have different displacement maps for different level of detail. Large parts, details, and fine details. Connecting them with a Average node with a Multiple/divider node between each displacement map. This makes it really easy to only adjust the shape of a specific level of detail and controlling each map separate rather then one map. This was actually a very simple and easy solution.

shadernetThis is the connection network.


Island variations


This is the early state of some extra visuals for the island to give a more interesting image. If i chose to move on with this, the final state it will be a huge mountain sized statue covered in vegetation and dirt. Also made this as a test to recap and remember the mudbox workflow and baking process.

Rocky shore


I have started sculting the the montain cliffs for the rocky shore. I’m progressing slowly toward the final goal in the project. The the massive stone pillars that will stand in the waterfront are inspired from the cliffs at the James Bond island. After some more scuplting, adding some textures and populate with some vegetation it will all fall to place, hopefully!

I’ll cut ’em all down.

Onyx_tree1I have jump into process of creating the actual forest, and I can say that its a very nice tool to work with Onyx, even if it looks like you watching a Russian nuclear screen. You have great poly count control for optimizing the trees, either during the process as you build your trees or you can even go in and edit specific regions afterwards. I feel like I got the hang of the full process from modeling, optimizing, UV-map adjustment, to shading. Hopefully I  can start really start produce all the content regarding vegetation in the next week. And get a more clear picture of the shots state.

Cut cut cut!