Progressing on


So I have keept progressing slowly this week, facing most technical challenges when trying to get a good test batch render.

I have also started to set up my new workstation at home, because I will do the remaining work from home in this project.

Debugging render

I’ve had some problems with my renders that i have been trying to figure out and solve. For example i have had some flickering in the light, which of course came form the final gather recalculating to offend and giving new result every frame and by that having the light change. This can be solved by saving out a final gather map insted of having it recalculate every time.
I have also had some problem batchrendering my water. In single frame render verything have been looking fine, but in the batch render, some extrem glitches have been going on making stretched lines all over the water ending up in a non usable picture. This have not solved yet but I am on it.