Week 9 – Project delivery

This week on Friday was the deadline for delivering what was specified in the project plan.

Graphical visualization of learning and decision making.
Postmortem and presentation document delivered.

These statements don’t really say much about what I was supposed to deliver and it also misses one document; the project report. Graphical visualization in this case was referred to the application, either binary or video on it.

After week 8 I got much better results from the AI testing, it was clearly learning. I spent both Monday and Tuesday with testing the AI and making sure the application wouldn’t crash even if I specified that I was to be working with the report and  postmortem.

From Wednesday I worked only on project report and postmortem until delivery day, it became some late nights. On Friday which was the Milestone 3 delivery day everything was completed 1 hour before the presentation. What was delivered on SVN was;

  • A small video of the application, 1 minute long showing the three modes the AI could have.
  • Two compressed tar files, one only containing the binary files and the other the source code and objects.
  • Two presentation documents, one pdf and one powerpoint.
  • Postmortem and project report.


Milestone 3

In my point of view I did really well on the presentation, I had more to talk about this time than on Milestone 2 and this time it was less technical.


In conclusion; even if it was a hectic week I still had everything delivered on time.

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