Week 8 – Continued Testing

At the start of the week I added functionality to speed up the testing and changed input values to the neural network to have values in percent, between 0.0 and 1.0. The behavior didn’t change with the change to smaller values.

The rest of the week I have spent tweaking and testing.

To see the impact (implementation time) of using reinforcement learning (self learning) I implement two other decision making methods; using only if statements and an already trained neural network. To have both this implementations behave like I wanted it took;

  • “If” statements ~2 minutes.
  • Pre-learned neural network, ~20 minutes

On Thursday I come to the conclusion that the result, reinforcement learning, isn’t even close to what I want to behave like. I do have the results I said to deliver in the project plan but I still have a few days left to continue testing.

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