Week 6 – Project update

Project plan
The project plan in MS1 have been updated, corrected time plan and changed from using Unity engine to my old graphic assignment. These decisions were done during Milestone 2 but haven’t been updated until now.

This also means I have been developing in Linux instead of Windows. There haven’t been much trouble developing in Linux until last Friday. I have been using Netbeans IDE but during Friday I got problem with the IDE, showing errors when there have been no errors. During the weekend I changed from using Netbeans IDE to using only CMake, make and a text editor.

Build script
I created a bash script to simplify the process of building the source to running the application. The script uses bash ‘select’ for selecting action.

Script: Main menu Script: Action menu
ANN_learning_script_mainmenu ANN_learning_script_submenu

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