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Archive for March, 2014

Final week

The last period is here now and we haven’t done anything more with the program since there is some paperwork to be done and delivered on Friday.

Happy typing. :-)

Atmosphere Continued

The atmospheric scattering is almost working properly now. It is possible to move the sun to any position, causing different colors of light scattering onto the terrain.

Here are some images

Sunny day
Sunny day

Early Morning
Early Morning
Slightly earlier
Slightly earlier
Artifacts on the horizon
Artifacts on the horizon
Outside the planet's atmosphere. It isn't working properly yet.
Outside the planet’s atmosphere. It isn’t working properly yet.

The next week will probably be spent trying to fix the problems shown above and other things.

Bonus – video of the program in action

Good bye!

An Atmosphere Appeared

We now have something that starts to look like an atmosphere.

Atmosphere without scattering
Atmosphere without scattering

There’s still more to do, like apply single and multiple scattering. It will be worked on.

Couple weeks to go.

Just like mentioned before we will probably not have time to create clouds for the application, so we will focus on atmospheric scattering, and getting the terrain to look a bit more realistic by adding some kind of irregular terrain, like unique mountains and such.

temp (1)
looks like snow now on a mountain maybe
one of the precomputed textures for atmospheric scattering.