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Weekly Week 4

Week 4,

I found that the tracking for this room would turn out to be extremely difficult, hard to believe when the camera movements are very subtle,not complex and plenty of objects with contrast to the rest of the room. I think one of the reason why I struggled so much with this plate was because the plate itself is fairly dark and the entire building is very skewed.

After many many trials and errors, this is the best I could come up with and I think it will work for now. Worst case would be that I have to adjust the 3D objects by hand for them to sit sturdy on the plate!

There is still some minor issues with this track and I found it nearly impossible to get a good camera track just from ‘Nukes automated camera tracker.

I achieved the result by combining multiple manual tracks together with a decent automated track (as can be seen below).

I think in the end I made up to 30 manual tracks more or less, making sure to fill in where the automated track lacked.


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