Weekly Week 6

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Upcoming Weeks

Planning for the upcoming week/s. Next week I will finish the last assets (baking of displacements), setup the scenes, lighting and animating. Hopefully I will be able to start rendering at the beginning of the next weekend and do a rough composite for milestone 3. […] Continue reading →


Weekly Week 5

Weekly update for week 5. The schedule for this week was to finish most of the assets, which I did. Still have some baking of displacements to do, should be finished at the start of next week. Below you can see some finished models with textures. […] Continue reading →

First 3D asset for my film, I made this model with references from “Eames DCM”. I am pretty pleased with the result and will have to leave this as it is for the time being! Will update with more assets/models the next upcoming days… Have a nice weekend! […] Continue reading →


Weekly Week 4

Week 4, I found that the tracking for this room would turn out to be extremely difficult, hard to believe when the camera movements are very subtle,not complex and plenty of objects with contrast to the rest of the room. I think one of the reason why I struggled so much with this plate was because the plate itself is fairly dark and the entire building is very skewed. After many many trials and errors, this is the best I could come up with and I think it will work for now. Worst case […] Continue reading →

At the beginning of last week,  first day of filming at location with photographer Mattias Sjöstedt All went well, think we got all the shots I need to deliver the story and quality. Scene composition Structure: First three shots will be an introduction to the room, so that the viewer will get to know the room in its original form. Clip 2 will have introduction text. Clip 4-6 will display the transformation of the room. […] Continue reading →


Milestone 2

Milestone 2, Last milestone we discussed problem areas within the project, re-evaluation and possible changes! My problem areas for this project: – Lighting transitions when the environment updates with new color bounces and reflections. – Simulation for appearing objects not to feel weightless and unrealistic. Simulation mock up on how objects can spawn: Object spawn from nowhere roughly 15 cm above surface, lands with small dust impact simulation. […] Continue reading →

The first weeks of this project have been quite rough.  I struggled with coming up with a project with a working context to the area that I wanted to specialize in. I have been in contact with the county and architects from the construction and environmental office. They gave me tips on where I could find abandoned buildings of my interest. My location I also met up with the photographer where we discussed camera movements, artificial light, camera equipment etc. in preparation for the filming. […] Continue reading →


Project update

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Welcome to my project blog. Here I will keep you posted on my progress and updates throughout the project. See About if you want to find out more! […] Continue reading →