Not done for MS3 :(

So for the day that was supposed to be milestone 3 I have ‘bad’ news that I am far from done. But not much to do! Just keep on working!

I have made some progress at least. Played around with some lighting in the scene (not final yet off course but been looking around at different settings). Found the settings for fog which is seen as kind of green-ish right now.

Played around with different sun settings from lamps. The sun that is visible now in the huge hole is built with 3 lamps (there is probably some way of combining the kinds of settings into one lamp..would not surprise me!) :) But for me it’s now one lamp that does Sun_Flare, one that does 50mm Zoom Lens flare and the last one that does sun.

Activated the 30 days trial for Unity and tried to understand the whole baking light using Area Light. I will probably have to read more in to that part cause I failed with my first try!

Slammed one nice looking skybox in there to. But I would like to animate it somehow so that is looks like the clouds are actually moving around just a little bit. Also looked at some cloth simulation which will be needed for the little bit of rag that will flow in the wind in the window and on the bed.

I wanted to make the floor in the room in to a ‘terrain’ to be able to paint in grass, flowers, bushes etc but just couldn’t find the right way. So I solved it with taking Unitys terrain mesh (flat mesh) and just formed it so that it appeared through the floor in the room. ^^
So now I can paint texture and put out grass/bushes!

And lastly. Done some of the texturing and one of the menu names; New game! No super fancy animations and stuff yet though. I am saving that to a little later and I am not quite sure what will look best.

Continuing my work from here on, my main focus right now lies on texturing what I already have in the scene and making the rest of the menu names and place them in the scene.

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