Altered Scene

After a little bit of input from classmates I decided to alter my scene more and more. So now it is more compact.

Not only will it make my workload less but it will also make the whole feel of the menu better I think.I had a little bit of trouble solving how I wanted to make use of the script I already had made for the camera in the scene when doing this. But I solved it with having two completely transparent objects that makes the camera move right and left as you hoover with the mouse over the scene.

Down below is a quick, simple, planned sketch of some ideas of what I would like to have in my scene…


I have also created a Moodboard for the environment in the room. My thought is that it’s supposed to look post-apocalyptic and really dried out (I should probably do a post explaining my game-idea/Story that I’m basing this on)…

MoodBoard - Environment

For the more outside part there will be a desert and I would like to add a futuristic, broken looking building of sort. I did add in my moodboard some tunnels and caves, explaining how they might look. Just to add a little to the feel for the overall world (I will do a better explanation of it all when I actually write the whole story/Idea for this!)…

MoodBoard - EnvironmentOutside

And there you have a little input on the room and outside environment! There will come a post like this on the character later on. But for now I am a little bit more focused on the environment.

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