For MileStone2…

So for MileStone 2 there has been a little bit of progress. Though mostly just programming and trying to get the main functions that I really want for my Interactive menu to work.

I Googled and Youtubed like crazy to find some good scripts done by others but couldn’t really find one. So as I tried to program my own it took a lot of time *a little embarassed*. But got help from a buddy that is much better at programming than me and has already been working a bit in Unity!

In the video you can see the camera movement that I really want and is going to use in my scene. Also you can see one of the objects having an ‘OnMouseOver’ function which makes the object change color/get a glow on it which is also an function that my menu will have a lot of.

Right now there are a lot of ‘Maybes’! Like clicking on objects or some cinematics or other ide├ís that pops up in the head. So this week/nearest future I will be pushing for concepting. Concepting the Menu, Character and Environment. Making the choices of all the functions in the menu and get the coherent design for it all. That way I will see what more scripts will be needed. So this week there will be concepts, sketching and programming done.

I do already have a little bit of sketching done for the character!


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