First Week Of Work

So this week I have barely made some small sketches for my character and then dived deep into trying to learn C++ and Java for scripting. (Programming is difficult :/).

Been trying different scripts that others has made out there (camera movements, colors and other small fun stuff) and been trying to find specific ones for my Interactive menu. But so far not much luck. So as I am trying to put together my own scripting it just won’t work cause I am just no good at it!

I want to make/find a script where the camera “snaps” to/looks at the object that the mouse cursor is hoovering over. So when it hoovers between different objects in the scene the camera will turn to look at those different objects.¬†Hopefully I will find a good solution to this very soon. Cause I kind of know what I WANT, I just don’t know HOW to do it.

And when I find my treasure I will share it with you here!

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