Video update!
I have been working with the animation for the character, and if I can say it myself I think it looks good! The animation was done with facial capture and then refined in maya, might have forgotten to mention that. Will have to keep working to get all the shots together and add some extra features which I have shown in the previous posts; Fleshy Eye and Sticky lips.

Weekly update

During this week I have been creating most of the blendshapes for the astronaut, they are almost all done with the blendshapes except for some small issues which occur when I throw them into faceshift. Most of the blendshapes work together except for the mouth area because of all the blendshapes which have to work together to make it look nice.

Next week I hopefully will be done with the blendshapes and have started recording for the first clips of the film.

Last week I forgot about the inside of the mouth, so I had to model and texture the gum and teeths fast this week. Didn’t put a lot of detail on them since they won’t be that visible. Then I created the helmet of the spacesuit and am currently working on the suit. The suit won’t need as much detail as the helmet because there’s no close-up on it. I will post images of it soon.

Sticky lips

Another thing which I have taken a look into, sticky lips! Currently it doesn’t work automatically in how it sticks together so that is something I will have to take a look at next. I don’t want the effect of it getting the same stickiness in the end as it is in the beginning; a little bit of the effect can be seen in this video, but most of it has been removed by hand. Not complicated but would be tedious if I have to check the whole animation and create the effect manually.

Something I noticed on my fleshy eyes was that it didn’t keep the thickness of the eyelids and just pushed the vertices away without thinking if there was a thickness or not. Luckily it wasn’t too hard to solve, threw in a lattice which then helped me avoid the problem.

Proof of Concept

This week we got the opportunity to discuss the storyboard and previz with Mattias Sjöstedt. With his help we managed to improve the previz, which you could see in the previous post.

The first shot with the tentacles in the foreground, which we have tried out our pipeline for this project.

Linus: The reason we chose to create the tentacle first was to get the opportunity to go through all the stages in the pipeline quickly to encounter all possible issues early on. In the draft above I have sculpted a highpoly model and transfered it to Maya, and painted it in Mari. We have set up SSS(Subsurface Scatter) shader and rendered it with Mentalray.

Anton: My work with the tentacle is a simple rig which was aimed for snake/tentacle sort of animation. The only drawback with the current rig, it can’t twist on selected joints. This I might have a solution for but it isn’t a major part of this project so it has to wait until I got time. We also added a blendshape to give the holes a breathing motion, this hasn’t been added yet in the video above.


Anton: Here I have created a rough test on my pipeline for getting my blendshapes out from my jointbased rig in Maya and then import it into Faceshift. There it can be driven by an actor to give us the facial movements we want. The eyes, brows, and mouth are the only parts which are driven at this time.

When that’s done I will go over to Maya to give the final touches to the animation. That will problably be a challenge in itself.

Project start!

Hello and welcome to our blog!
We will create a short film and you can follow our progress on this blog.

Today we had our first milestone where we presented our moodboard and storyboard, some changes needs to be done on the storyboard, which we will take up during the week to come.

You can find everything at the Milestones link to the right of here.