MS 3

This week we have been putting everything together. We have set up the rendering layers and passes, refining the facial capture to make it work with our film and finally rendered everything out. Since we are a bit behind schedule the alien needs more work. So this week we will push the last shots to the same level as the first. These shots below are the ones that are about ready for re-render in higher quality.Shot1_0201 Shot2_0355 Shot3_0500 Shot4_0553 Shot7_1054

The shots that are left is the ones with the alien, we need to make him look more believable. This is what he looks like now!progress


Video update!
I have been working with the animation for the character, and if I can say it myself I think it looks good! The animation was done with facial capture and then refined in maya, might have forgotten to mention that. Will have to keep working to get all the shots together and add some extra features which I have shown in the previous posts; Fleshy Eye and Sticky lips.

Weekly update

During this week I have been creating most of the blendshapes for the astronaut, they are almost all done with the blendshapes except for some small issues which occur when I throw them into faceshift. Most of the blendshapes work together except for the mouth area because of all the blendshapes which have to work together to make it look nice.

Next week I hopefully will be done with the blendshapes and have started recording for the first clips of the film.

Last week I forgot about the inside of the mouth, so I had to model and texture the gum and teeths fast this week. Didn’t put a lot of detail on them since they won’t be that visible. Then I created the helmet of the spacesuit and am currently working on the suit. The suit won’t need as much detail as the helmet because there’s no close-up on it.¬†I will post images of it soon.


progress4And here we go! The textures and shading is now ready and we can now go forward in our project. Anton will take on the model and make all the blendshapes which is needed for the faceshift software and Linus will start work with the props and the space suit.