Weekly update

During this week I have been creating most of the blendshapes for the astronaut, they are almost all done with the blendshapes except for some small issues which occur when I throw them into faceshift. Most of the blendshapes work together except for the mouth area because of all the blendshapes which have to work together to make it look nice.

Next week I hopefully will be done with the blendshapes and have started recording for the first clips of the film.

Last week I forgot about the inside of the mouth, so I had to model and texture the gum and teeths fast this week. Didn’t put a lot of detail on them since they won’t be that visible. Then I created the helmet of the spacesuit and am currently working on the suit. The suit won’t need as much detail as the helmet because there’s no close-up on it. I will post images of it soon.

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