Some setbacks

So, this week has unfortunately not been too good. Well, I guess that I succeeded in adding the major part of what was scheduled to be done by this week, but as I already had laid the foundations for it earlier on during the project, creating a system for efficiently adding different models to the environment wasn’t too challenging. However, the problems was encountered once this was done, when bugs with my view frustum started appearing. I’ve been trying to debug them, with slow progress. As I said previously, it hasn’t really been going too well, but I have at least made some progress. I know where the problem is occuring, I’m just not entirely sure where the problem is caused (As per usual, dealing with programming).

So, fixing this will be the primary task for the beginning of the next week. Fortunately, I have time put aside for things just like this, so it should all be well. Then, keep on working along the schedule.

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