Heightmap generation

Ah, it’s working again.

I apologize for not posting this until now, I haven’t been able to access the blog page during the weekend. First of all, from now on, I will be writing my blog posts on sundays instead of fridays, as it works better for me.

Last week I was creating a heightmap generation tool. As I had written in my project plan, I started off doing this through the use of Perlin noise. I managed to create heightmaps doing this, but I was however not pleased with the result. Instead, I was recommended another way of creating realistic heightmaps. Instead of creating some kind of noise, you would create Diffusion-limited aggregation clusters, and then calculating the normalized value of several differently blurred copies of that same picture. Doing this results in a very realistic mountain range. I decided to go at it with this approach instead.

Now, when the heightmap generation is finished, I will attempt to change the level of detail of the terrain depending on the camera position. Look forward to it!

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