Hello again!

Last week, I finshed the basics for the graphics engine. The past few days, I’ve focused on generating meshes from a heightmap. There’s been a lot of bumps on the road (Literally, the map mesh is completely made out of bumps!), and I’m still not completely done, but the least I can say is that I have a functioning prototype. Right now, I only draw the top left part of the heightmap, but I’d say that’s more than enough (Look at the sample below. See that tiny, tiny dot to the far right, next to the corner of the terrain mesh? That’s a box about the size of a person). I’ve tried to get a video capture of the scene, but I haven’t had enough time, unfortunately. Possibly, I might have time to fix that during the weekend.


I’ve had some trouble actually loading everything into the code (There’s a lot of data), but after restructuring the code, I managed to get it working.

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