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About the Project Member

Jonathan Öhlund

I’m currently a last year student studying at LTU, Luleå’s University of Technology (the schools acronym is LTU), I’m studying the game development program that’s thought there.

Before I started studying there I went to a gymnasium, the Swedish equivalent of highschool, that aside form the normal curriculum also focused on teaching musik. Even though it was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about both musik theory and ways to create musik with the knowledge I gained there, in order to have more musikal educaiton they’d cutdown on math and science classes. So after I graduated, I trid to find a job but as luck would have it, the year I graduated was 2008 when an economic depression started. As a result no one seemed to be hiring so after a cuple of months of not getting a job I decided to go back to the school bench and study the math and science classes that I missed out on during highscool. I later ended up applying to the program that I’m currently studying at, and as you already know I accualy managed to get in. So far I’m manage to keep up with the learning curve, I’m not going to lie, it was some points were it was hard to keep up, but I some how managed to get past them and now I’m at what feels like the home stretch.

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