About the Project

This project is a part of the last semester of the game development  program that’s held by Luleå University of Technology, or LTU for short.

As the title of the site says I’m going to be simulating particles on the GPU using GPGPU programing. I’ll be using OpenCL to write the program(s) that will be tapping into the computational power of GPUs, but that’s not all. If you looked a little closer at the sites header you might have noticed its subtitle, if not then feel free to take a look, I won’t be going anywhere. That’s right, I’ll also be creating the particle system that will be used to create, keep track of, and handle the removal of “dead” particles.

The particle system will also have a feature that I got when watching the fireworks blowing in the new year of 2014. Standing there a thought just struck me, wouldn’t it be cool to have a particle emitter that could morph/transform into another type of particle emitter when a certain condition was been meet. My thought was, if a particle emitter released one type of particle as it as it ascended into the sky, just like the fireworks burning the powder. When the emitter had emitted a set number of particles (the morphing condition) it would start emitting another type of particle, just like when the powder propelling the fireworks up into the sky runs out and they explode. I will also make it so the shape of the particle emitters will effect how the particles are emitted.

That’s the main idea that I based this project on.

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