Week Seven: I’m a Little Liar (Sort of)

I must┬áconfess, in my last post I said that I was going to work on adding more particle types to the system, and I started to, but not right away. Instead I decided to give the billboards the ability to have animated textures via the use of atlas textures, so that’s another thing getting scratched of my todo list while feeling the sweet taste of progress, delicious. ­čÖé

I also created a basic *.obj file loader that gave me the ability to load a shape that can be used by my surface emitter, you know what, just look at these pictures and you’ll see the both the loaded surface emitter and the animated textures doing their thing. ­čśë


This image shows a line emitter emitting particles which has the animation of an explosion (I’ve enhanced the blue color channel to give the particles their bluish color).

The following images shows the stanford dragon emitting particles from all of it’s surfaces at ones. The last one shows the starting position of the particles without rendering the dragon at the particle emitters location. The particles are not effected by any gravity.









This week I intend to keep the promise that I gave last week by implementing one more particle type. That will most likely be the last feature that I will have time to integrate into my particle system, as the cource is nearing its end and I still need to fix the editors. If I still have time before the deadline I will also add save and load capabilities to the editors and particle system.

Before I go, I want to make an apology┬áto Emil that gave me the┬ábeautiful particle image. I misspelled his last name in the post where I mentioned that he gave me the texture. So here is his full name spelled correctly (hopefully ­čśŤ ), Emil Hedemalm.

Now it’s time to go home, bye bye.

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